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Too Funny!!

Posted by Chiara CalÚ on January 9, 2019 at 4:05 PM

(8 stars/10) 

This cartoon makes me laugh so hard!

So far, this is one of the best Xilam productions, in my opinion. I was amazed to discover it's a French cartoon. I'm not too fond of French productions, but "Zig & Sharko" is an exception. I can easily "get" this type of humor (slapstick), even if I'm used to American and British comedies.

The inventiveness of the team working on this cartoon is so impressive: they always come up with incredible ideas. In addition, I really like this type of animation, it's more similar to what I was used to in my childhood (e.g. Wile E. Coyote). I love the visuals, the sound effects, the narration and directing style.

Two seasons of "Zig & Sharko" have been released, each season consisting of 26 episodes.

Due to the nature of the stories, I would recommend it to kids ages 7+.

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