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A Message of Peace.

Posted by Chiara CalÚ on January 5, 2019 at 4:55 PM

(9 stars/10) 

Amazing movie. Many sci-fi movies featuring flying saucers or aliens were released in the 50's, but "The Day the Earth Stood Still" stands out. First of all, the message: a war-torn Earth is beginning to experiment with atomic power, and someone, somewhere, has noticed. Atomic power can be used for good, like interstellar transportation, or for evil purposes, like the total annihilation of an enemy. Humans are seen as immature children toying with a dangerous source of energy that could potentially threaten other planets. That's the reason Klaatu and Gort are sent to Earth. The message is simple: "grow up or you will be destroyed". It takes Klaatu the duration of the entire movie to relay his message. In the meantime, he is interrogated, segregated, and hunted down. Human aggressiveness is shown in all its irritating connotations, from irrational fear to plain armed hostility. The anxiety and dread of the 50's are palpable in this movie. Fear of the stranger, of whomever may be different, and of course, the Cold War is what this is all about. There are references to World War II, also. The United States have paid a high price because of their intervention in the war. This movie was intended as a wake-up call to the leaders of that time, I suppose.

This is my first Robert Wise movie. Michael Rennie is superb in the role of Klaatu, I liked the chemistry he had with Patricia Neal.

This movie shines. It's fast and lively. I would watch it a dozen times over.

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