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Cult Movie.

Posted by Chiara CalÚ on January 4, 2019 at 1:10 PM

(7 stars/10) 

This is a classic! The dialogues are not the best, the cinematography is a bit boring and the overall rhythm of the movie is way too slow for today's youngsters, but the technology used was the state of the art back in the day when the movie was filmed.

Being a movie released in 1982, the special effects are rudimentary, at times confusing, and somewhat annoying (the colors are too bright), but computer and video game geeks like myself will surely love this movie. The plot is simple as compared to other movies of that era (like "Star Wars"), but the concept behind computer stuff is quite complex. And visionary, I might add.

I love the song played in the closing credits: "Only Solutions", by Journey. Another song by Journey ("Separate Ways") is featured in "Tron: Legacy", thus giving an idea of continuity.

Tron is a must-see for every science fiction fan.

Kudos to Steven Lisberger for envisioning a computerized world that still makes us dream.

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