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Graeme Revell - "Daredevil" (score)

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(4 stars/5) 

This score is dark and brooding, just like Daredevil.

I won't hide the fact that Daredevil is one of my top three favorite superheroes. I believe the 2003 movie was good, and so is this album. It captures the essence of the character.

Revell employs French horns, trumpets, trombones, voices, electric guitar and electronic instrumentation.

The music expresses the content of each scene vividly: for example, there are harmonious tracks, like "Daredevil Theme", "Elektra", "The Necklace", and dissonant tracks, like "Bullseye" and "Nachio's Assassination".

There are only two tracks that clash with the rest of the score: "The Kingpin" and "Church Battle". Revell relies heavily on electronic music for these pieces. They are too loud and spoil the whole soundtrack.

If you liked the movie, you will certainly get the score.

Track list:

1. Daredevil Theme

2. Young Matt's Father

3. Hell's Kitchen

4. Matt Becomes Daredevil

5. The Kingpin

6. The Darkest Hour

7. Bullseye

8. Elektra

9. Mistaken Identity

10. Nachio's Assassination

11. Elektra vs. Bullseye

12. Blind Justice

13. Church Battle

14. Falling Rose

15. The Necklace

Released: March 4, 2003

Length: 40:17

Label: Varèse Sarabande

Revis - "Places For Breathing"

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(4.5 stars/5) 

This is the only studio album released by Revis, a post-grunge band of the early 2000's.

They sounded good together. I love this record, I play it quite often.

To me, Revis will be forever associated with "Daredevil" (2003), since the first track of this album, "Caught In The Rain", is also part of the motion picture's soundtrack.

I love each track of "Places For Breathing": the guitars, drums and lead vocalist, Justin Holman, sound amazing.

The band reunited in 2010 to record a second album, "Do We Have To Beg?", but unfortunately, legal issues prevented it from being released.

The band broke up again in 2012.

What a pity, such an underrated band.

Track list:

1. "Caught In The Rain"

2. "Your Wall"

3. "Spin"

4. "Seven"

5. "Straight Jacket Labels"

6. "Living Rooms"

7. "Re Use"

8. "City Beneath"

9. "Everything After"

10. "Places For Breathing"

11. "Look Right Through Me"

12. "Family"

Released: May 20, 2003

Genre: post-grunge

Length: 40:00

Label: Epic

You can listen to "Places For Breathing" on Revis' YouTube channel:…;

Watch the music video for "Caught In The Rain":

Spread the word, if you like: perhaps they'll be back once again!

Theme Music from "The James Dean Story"

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(5 stars/5) 

This album brings together, so to speak, two of my favorite people: James Dean and Chet Baker.

This is the soundtrack to "The James Dean Story", an American biopic released in 1957, not long after Dean's car accident and subsequent demise.

The soundtrack was composed by Leith Stevens, best known for scoring the Marlon Brando classic "The Wild One".

The stars of this album are two musicians who were at the peak of their careers, back in 1957, much like James Dean was at the time of his premature death. These musicians are Chet Baker, who plays his trumpet ans sings a song, and Bud Shank playing alto saxophone and flute.

In this richly evocative album, bebop jazz is predominant.

The tracks sum up Dean's life story in no particular order.

It is a deeply melancholic album. Jimmy's spirit comes alive whenever I play it, usually in the evening.

A must-have for every James Dean and jazz fan.

Track list:

1. "Jimmy's Theme"

2. "The Search"

3. "Lost Love"

4. "People"

5. "The Movie Star"

6. "Fairmount, Indiana"

7. "Rebel at Work"

8. "Success and Then What?"

9. "Let Me Be Loved"

10. "Hollywood"

11. "Let Me Be Loved" [Vocal Version - Chet Baker]

Recorded: November 8, 1956

Released: 1957

Genre: jazz, soundtrack

Length: 42:12

Label: World Pacific Records

Marco Beltrami - The Wolverine (soundtrack)

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(4.5 stars/5) 

Fantastic soundtrack with lots of Asian elements, like taiko drums and Japanese flute.

This soundtrack is eerie. The overall pacing is heterogeneous. There are slow tracks, like "A Walk In The Woods", "The Offer", "Arriving At The Temple", "The Snare" and others, and fast, syncopated tracks like "Logan's Run" (one of the longest tracks, 3:58), "Funeral Fight", "Silver Samurai" and others.

Marco Beltrami had previously worked with director James Mangold on "3:10 to Yuma". This is his big break into the X-Men/Wolverine franchise, and he does not disappoint.

With a long background in horror movies ("The Thing", "Scream", "Scream 2", "Scream 3", "Scre4m", "Mimic"), his Wolverine is a brooding superhero, hurt and wandering. His tortured mind is well reflected in this album; tracks like "The Wolverine" and "Sword of Vengeance" will make you shiver. You really can feel the character's interior conflict by means of music.

It's a soundtrack meant to be played by a big orchestra, with lots of strings, brass, and percussions. In Beltrami's words, "it's sort of a hybrid of electronic and acoustical score".

Track list:

1. "A Walk in the Woods"

2. "Threnody for Nagasaki"

3. "Euthanasia"

4. "Logan's Run"

5. "The Offer"

6. "Arriving at the Temple"

7. "Funeral Fight"

8. "Two Handed"

9. "Bullet Train"

10. "The Snare"

11. "Abduction"

12. "Trusting"

13. "Ninja Quiet"

14. "Kantana Surgery"

15. "The Wolverine"

16. "The Hidden Fortress"

17. "Silver Samurai"

18. "Sword of Vengeance"

19. "Dreams"

20. "Goodbye Mariko"

21. "Where To?"

22. "Whole Step Haiku"

Released: July 23, 2013

Length: 58:30

Label: Sony Classical

Free samples on IMDb:…;

The Mirror Has Two Faces - Music From The Motion Picture

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(4 stars/5) 

Fantastic score composed and adapted by Marvin Hamlisch. His usage of strings and harmonica is majestic.

There are four songs in this soundtrack: "Try A Little Tenderness", "The Power Inside of Me", "I Finally Found Someone", and "All of My Life", in addition to Hamlisch's score. The last song is a bonus track, not featured in the motion picture.

"I Finally Found Someone", written by Barbra Streisand, Marvin Hamlisch, R.J. Lange and Bryan Adams, was a hit single, back in 1996/97. I have the sheet music and can't wait to play it on my piano. I found two versions: one is 4-pages, the other 7-pages long.

Streisand also wrote "Love theme" (conducted by Hamlisch) for this album.

It's a great album. If you enjoyed the movie, you can't miss it.

Produced by Barbra Streisand.

Track list:

1. Main Title / In Questa Reggia

2. Got Any Scotch?

3. An Ad?

4. In a Sentimental Mood

5. Rose Sees Greg

6. Alex Hurts Rose

7. The Dating Montage

8. My Intentions?

9. You Picked Me!

10. A Funny Kind of Proposal

11. Picnic in the Park

12. Greg Falls For Rose

13. Try a Little Tenderness - David Sanborn

14. The Mirror

15. Going Back to Mom

16. Rocking in the Chair

17. The Power Inside of Me - Richard Marx

18. Rose Leaves Greg

19. Ruby

20. Rose Dumps Alex

21. Greg Claims Rose

22. The Apology / Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavarotti

23. I Finally Found Someone - Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams

24. All of My Life - Barbra Streisand

Issued: November 12, 1996

Length: 48:24

Genre: film soundtrack, jazz, pop

Label: Columbia

Watch the music video for "I Finally Found Someone":


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(5 stars/5) 

This must be *the best* speed metal album ever issued in the history of music.

Painkiller is the twelfth studio album by British heavy metal band Judas Priest, released in September 1990.

Incredibly intense from start to finish, you will find yourself unable to catch your breath (with the exception of "A Touch Of Evil", which is a bit slower).

The drummer, Scott Travis, joins the band for this album. Thanks to "Painkiller", he gets the chance to exhibit his artistic value. His sound reminds me of a tank platoon.

Rob Halford's voice is incredible. This is his last album with Judas Priest. He'll be back in 2005 for the recording of "Angel of Retribution".

The guitar riffs are amazing. There are many solos in this album.

I like the whole album, but "Metal Meltdown" and "Nightcrawler" are not an easy listening. I usually skip them to listen to my favorite track, "Between the Hammer & the Anvil".

"Painkiller" is a comeback album. After the lukewarm reception of "Turbo" (1986) and "Ram It Down" (1988), Judas Priest reappear in style, adding an important piece to the heavy metal landscape.

Track list:

1. "Painkiller"

2. "Hell Patrol"

3. "All Guns Blazing"

4. "Leather Rebel"

5. "Metal Meltdown"

6. "Night Crawler"

7. "Between the Hammer & the Anvil"

8. "A Touch of Evil"

9. "Battle Hymn"

10. "One Shot at Glory"

Length: 46:08

Genre: Heavy metal, speed metal

Label: Columbia


Listen to "Hell Patrol":

One Of The Best...

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(5 stars/5) 

I loved the movie, and I love the soundtrack.

The peculiarity of this album is that it is entirely electronically generated, using the Synclavier, an early digital synthesizer.

This album is so 80's. A powerful soundtrack, it certainly contributed to the success of the movie.

I get so nostalgic it still moves me to tears.

Track list:

1. Theme from Flight of the Navigator

2. Main Title

3. The Ship Beckons

4. David in the Woods

5. Robot Romp

6. Transporting the Ship

7. Ship Drop

8. Have To Help A Friend

9. The Shadow Universe

10. Flight

11. Finale

12. Star Dancing

Composer: Alan Silvestri

Year: 1986

Length: 28min

Genre: Electronic, Film Score

Playlist on YouTube:

Empire Jazz

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(5 stars/5) 

In this album, Star Wars meets jazz... Couldn't ask for more!

Released in 1980 and out of print, "Empire Jazz" will delight jazz fans who also happen to be Star Wars fans.

"Empire Jazz" saw the light thanks to an idea by bassist Ron Carter, who also arranged the pieces. If you like them, it's him you have to thank.

So, get yourself a drink and relax: "Empire Jazz", with its mellow melodies and exotic aftertaste, will send you to outer space, quite literally!

Track list:

"The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)"

"The Asteroid Field"

"Han Solo and the Princess (Love Theme)"

"Lando's Palace"

"Yoda's Theme"

Length: 40:19

Label: RSO

Recorded at Aura Recording Studios, New York City

I have a surprise for you: "Empire Jazz" is available on YouTube! Enjoy!

Journey - Greatest Hits

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Great album, I purchased it in April 2018 and it keeps me company on my daily commute. Steve Perry (lead vocals) has a fantastic voice.
The album contains 14 hits from the 70's and 80's. The lyrics are in the booklet, along with some pictures and album covers.
Originally released in 1988 by Columbia Records.

Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Length: 61:32

Is he really British?!

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Didn't It Rain 

Excellent album, can't stop playing it everywhere I am.

Laurie was born to perform on stage. No tracks sag. He does an excellent job at revisiting his favourite blues, R&B, and rock oldies, and makes me want to play piano again.

One can feel Laurie's vitality exude from his music. He surely has his heart and mind in the right places.

I'd definitely purchase a third album.


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Let Them Talk 

Can't live without this album. Period.

Song no. 1 is especially dear to my heart.

Hugh Laurie is a god in the Olympus of musicians/singers. He plays piano incredibly well, I really admire his skills. The way he reveres his childhood hero, Professor Longhair, is commendable.

He finally made his dream come true, and I'm very happy for him.

Mr. Laurie has turned me into a lover of blues. My favourite genre is jazz, but my skills aren't anywhere near his. He inspires me to do better. Thank you, Hugh.