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Fun Book.

Posted by Chiara CalÚ on January 4, 2019 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Lots of animals in this book!

There is a rhyme in each sentence of the text: I appreciate the author's effort, as I seldom read rhymes so seamless in children's books.

In each double-page spread new characters are introduced, and a sentence is added to the previous.

Reading this aloud must be especially amusing, children will most certainly enjoy that.

The illustrations are lively and colorful.

For toddlers and preschoolers.



Hiku The Penguin.

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Cute story about Hiku, a young penguin.

He dreads the arrival of his entire family, so he hides in his special place to enjoy some peace and quiet. But then he start remembering all the fun he used to have with his family and regrets his decision to stay by himself.

He joins them just in time for a group photo.

Pretty illustrations, the penguins are wobbly things, so funny. Younger children will have a ball perusing their actions on paper.

A book that is meant to have kids appreciate the arrival of their relatives for the holidays, on birthdays or other special occasions. No matter how distressing the experience might be, there is good in it.

For preschoolers.

Weird but Fun.

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In this book four animals are described in their various activities and ways of being. The transition from animal to animal is weird but original.

It's a crazy but funny story, kids will be confused at first (as was I when I read it for the first time), but I think they will enjoy the pictures and the rhyming text.

There is no plot; as a matter of fact, the story doesn't make any sense (hence the three stars), but I find it fairly amusing.

A fun way to spend 10-15 minutes.

For preschoolers.

Courage and Friendship.

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Cute book. It's about the fear of the world, which must appear so big to children, and how friendship can help overcome it.

The story begins in a way similar to "The Gruffalo's Child" (for those of you who might have read it). Baby Bear sets off on an adventure in the Arctic Circle, his home. He soon grows afraid of the world - the sky is so big, the ocean so vast, - but then he meets Sammy the Seal. They have a little conversation and Baby Bear finds comfort in it: despite his size, Sammy the Seal is a brave creature.

Baby Bear finds his way home, into his mother's arms, and falls asleep, reassured that the world is not so big and scary if one has the courage to face it.

Beautiful double-page illustrations, the author uses many shades of blue to depict the Arctic.

Educational and inspirational book, recommended.

A Simple Exercise in Imagination.

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Funny and ingenious. It reminds me of a game children often play: seeing shapes in clouds.

Same concept here, but applied to a duck... Or is it a rabbit? ;)

The illustrations depict the same shape but in different contexts.

For toddlers.

The Pilgrims' Journey

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This is the story of how the first Pilgrims reached America and thrived there.

Along the way, the Native Americans are shown as they help the Pilgrims settle down.

The book culminates with the celebration of the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving.

I wish such harmony could be found in history, as well... Alas, everybody knows that the Natives were exterminated. But this is a book for children, there is no trace of those terrible events, here.

The text is a poem, lovely.

Illustrations by Gene Barretta.

For kindergartners and 1st graders.


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Encouraging book for toddlers and preschoolers. It narrates the attempts of a little girl at imitating her family members in their various activities.

It's a short book, easily understandable.

The sky is the limit, you can do it too! ;)




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The idea is great, but the text is impossible to read. I also had to go back because I couldn't understand a passage.

The illustrations are OK.

The first half of the book deserves four stars, while the second half deserves two, so I gave three stars.

Not A Favorite.

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This book is not entertaining.

The plot is flat, and the illustrations are filled with too many details, very confusing.

I found myself unable to follow the story by reading the text and looking at the pictures.


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I don't understand this book. It's about a dinosaur looking for his teddy bear that accidentally destroys a city. Then the dinosaur swims into the sea, but he's replaced by a giant chicken that happily reprises the dinosaur's role (??).

There is no plot, no message, just plain mess.

Save your time, there are better books out there.


See the World through Dots.

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Funny little book that explains some aspects of the world through dots.

Dots are everywhere: they are on ladybugs, on dogs, on butterflies... There are balloons and drums and traffic lights. There's candy and there are stars up in the sky, there are buttons on shirts and lenses on sunglasses: we are surrounded by dots!

The illustrations are colorful, the text is simple.

An ode to the power of observation. For toddlers and preschoolers.

A Puppy Arrives.

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Children who love dogs will like this book.

The part where Boomer, the older dog, is neglected and left alone is a bit sad, but soon things change...

It's a story of friendship, but this book may also be useful to help an older child understand why everybody's attention is focused on his or her baby brother or sister. Nothing has changed, parents still love you very much, kid. :)

The text is verbose and presents words that a preschooler might never have encountered.

The double-page illustrations are beautiful.

It's a profound book, on the overall; one that will be remembered for its message.

Bathing Time.

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Cute little book about animals described in their bathing habits.

The text includes complex words like "preen", "primp", "pests". Reading it out loud is a delight for the ears. Each sentence rhymes with the following.

The illustrations are in bright colors, children will surely like them.

It's a book that encourages the reader to bathe, just like animals do. Useful for obstinate kids who don't want to bathe.

For preschoolers.

Fairly Entertaining.

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This book will keep children busy for about 15-20 minutes. The ending made me laugh.

Nice double-page illustrations.

For preschoolers.


Learn the Water Cycle with Little Raindrop.

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Follow Little Raindrop on her adventurous journey on Earth and then back to the sky.

The text is filled with difficult verbs and adjectives for children to learn.

Beautiful illustrations in soft pastels.

It's a short book easy to read. Suitable for grades 1-2.

For Toddlers.

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A very simple book for toddlers.

There is no plot, just a few rhyming words and a circle drawn at the center of almost each page, forming different objects.

The Power of Imagination.

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Cute little story about children's imagination on a rainy day.


The text is almost poetic, near the end.


It's a fast read. Suitable for grades 1-2.



Let's Go To Mexico!

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Great book for learning Spanish words and the Mexican culture and traditions.

The colors present in the illustrations are translated, while other words are not, but there is a glossary at the end of the story.

I see this book read in school.

Educational, five stars.


Posted by Chiara CalÚ on January 2, 2019 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

So creepy and repetitive...

I would never read this book to a child: it's not educational.

Everything ends; children grow and become adults, parents become old and die. Everything changes, the thought that things could always remain the same is totally unacceptable.

A mommy simply CANNOT break into her son's house in the middle of the night and rock him to sleep. I won't delve into the topic any further, it's too weird for words.


One star.




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Great book for preschoolers who are beginning to learn the alphabet.

The letters are written on the left-hand pages, together with a funny description of the subject depicted on the right-hand pages.

Nice choice of words, very imaginative: kids will be delighted.

The illustrations are spectacular and in bright colors.

This book is meant to be read at bedtime, as the cover suggests.