Chiara  Calò 


Welcome! I am a business student/former med student with a keen interest in the visual arts. "PowerShadowX" is my art name.
So far I've self-published six poetry books: you can find them on Amazon.
I write haiku, lune (also known as "American haiku") and regular poems, in English and Italian (for now).
In addition, some of my photographs are available for purchase on websites such as DeviantArt, EyeEm, 500px, and society6. My main subjects are landscapes and toys. I discovered toy photography in 2010 thanks to a vibrant online community (Flickr), and never stopped shooting my favourite characters since then.
I am a beginning screenwriter. I'm working on something, but it's far from ready.
I also like the theatre. I'd love to write a play.

I love music. I play piano and harmonica: Jazz is my favourite genre. I am also familiar with guitar and drums.
I usually do not perform for audiences. Still, you may be surprised.

On my blog you can read reviews of films, books and music.

After twelve years in medical school, I am currently working to earn a bachelor's degree in business administration.

Thrilled by anything concerning show business. 

Feel free to look around.

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